Trip computer for OPEL ASTRA G

This computer is designed to replace original TID
- Important trip parameters as fuel consumption and travelled distance retrieved
  directly from injector and VSS sensor, that provides high precision of measurement
- Six trip parameters on one screen
- integrated TPMS system (optional)
- seven independent screens
Possible two colours of backlights:
Бортовой компьютер для опель астра фото    
Бортовой компьютер для opel astra G фото  

Displayed parameters

  • Time , date, alarm clock, termometer, Engine RPM, speed of vehicle
  • fuel consumption- full, real-time and average, group for the trip, day, and full-time
  • travelled distance, fuel in tank,  calculated mileage on fuel in tank
  • average speed, maximum speed, time in trip
  • Engine DTC, user is possible to clear DTC of engine
  • Temperature of engine,  temperature of intake Air, EGR status,
  • Injection time, voltage on oxygen sensors, main battery voltage
  • Pressure of conditioneer system
  • Beep while speed excides upper limit(two user limits), beep while buttery discharge

Service functions

  • Automatically lower brightness while night mode
  • Wide limits of brightness and contrast of display correction
  • Automatically go into sleep mode after minute after ignation is OFF
* NEW     AVAILABLE color TFT version: 3.2" IPS TFT, powerful 32bit controller

Warranty  24 month

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