Trip computer for Daewoo lanos, daewoo sens, ZAZ chance, chevrolet lanos etc

This trip computer has designed for various vehicles of daewoo lanos, daewoo sens etc
Full integration in interior, three large buttons
high reliability, high precision of diplayed parameters
six parameters of trip on screen at one time
Seven independent screens
 Fuel consumption, mieleage ,speed of vehicle, thermometer, main buttery voltage has displayed with any type of ECU
all functions working with next types of ECU KDAC, Микас 7.6, Микас 10.3, Январь xx
and OBDII сompatible

Displayed parameters

  • Time , date, alarm clock, termometer, Engine RPM, speed of vehicle
  • fuel consumption- full, real-time and average, group for the trip, day, and full-time
  • average speed for the trip, maximum speed for the trip, time in trip
  • travelled distance, fuel in tank,  calculated mileage on fuel in tank
  • Engine DTC, user is possible to clear DTC of engine
  • Temperature of engine
  • Voltage on oxygen sensors, main battery voltage
       7 independent screens,   work with LPG
Beep while speed excides upper limit(two user limits), beep while buttery discharge

Service functions

  • Automatically lower brightness while night mode
  • Wide limits of brightness and contrast of display correction
  • Automatically go into sleep mode after minute after ignation is OFF
 Optional integrated TPMS system
Possible variants of backlight:
(backlight colour not possible change while working)
-dark background  with green symbols
-dark background with white symbols
-blue backround with white symbols
-yellow-green background with black symbols
Download manual

24 mounth warranty

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